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 Danstar Yeast
 Lallemand, the world's leading specialty active dried yeast producer, has been producing fermentation products since the 1970's. We have selected two beer yeast strains from our product lines that are perfectly suited to amateur brewing. These strains have been selected and isolated from commercial breweries and are distributed under the Danstar trade name.
All Danstar beer yeast strains have been used by a number of commercial breweries to produce a variety of styles of beer.

No colors, preservatives or other unnatural substances have been used in its preparation. Danstar beer yeasts are packed in 11 gram (300 billion living cells, enough for up to 20 liters or about 5 gallons), in nitrogen-flushed, laminated foil sachets that protect the yeast for up to two years. For higher gravity recipes, it is recommended to use two 11g packages to ensure good fermentation.

The use of active dried professional yeasts for amateur brewing is a relatively new phenomenon introduced by Lallemand. Now, choose your active dried yeast for brewing with confidence.

Product Code Price
Nottingham 2620 1.25

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